Vehicle Wraps 101: Motorcycles: Custom Airbrush or Vinyl Wrap

Posted by John Jones  Fri, Jun 24, 2011 @ 09:29 AM

We are approached my numerous clients asking us to compare wrapping a motorcycle or have it custom painted.  There are advantages for both.  Lets look at the options.

Painted Bike

Custom Paint has been around for a substantial period of time, there are some extremely talented artists who specialize in custom artwork.  Our local and CWI’s resident painter Bo Meadows, from Bo Meadows Designs & Auto Detailing as been in the business for over 25 years and painted, pin stripped, custom painted, airbrushed most of the custom cars around Durham and Raleigh North Carolina since the mid 80’s.  Here are some of the recent works from his company to hit the tarmac. 

 Painted Bike1

This motorcycle is custom painted and took about 4 weeks to complete the job from concept to the drying of the last clear coat.  The bike was in his shop for the duration and completely disassembled.  The final result is a stunning product and one that will last for years.

Painted Bike3Painted Bike2

Vehicle wraps for motorcycles also look stunning and once designed can be install in a couple of days.  Here is a recent motorcycle wrap for Milwaukee Iron.  This custom build Harley Davidson cycle was completely wrapped in Carbon Fiber. 

Carbon Fiber Bike Wrap

Carbon Fiber Bike Wrap3

Contact Capital Wraps to see about getting your bike painted or wrapped.

Capital Wraps

Capital Wraps is a large format printing solution company – specializing in vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, car wraps, and other advertising solutions.  Capital Wraps is the premier vehicle wrap and fleet wrap company in DC, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.


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