In every mall there are transition periods of stores closing and opening. This may result in retail spaces left vacant. While the plan is for these spaces not to be left vacant long, they invariably leave restless customers as they walk by blank windows looking into empty stores spaces. There are several things that the mall management can do to help the mall patrons at ease while the shop the open stores – displays for existing stores, “space available” signs, and the most effective is promoting positive shopping experiences through visual window graphics.

Charlotte Mall is a prime example of where this visual graphic experiences create a window murals we can create graphics across vacant stores that infuse shoppers with upbeat messages as well as promote the availability of spaces for perspective stores to come to the mall. These Mall Window Graphics create an atmosphere to support the stores in the mall and show happy clients with purchases or spending time at dining tables enjoying a terrific meal. These mall window graphics promote the mall and the happy times the patrons have experience in the past and relate it to the mall.

For perspective clients, it shows the mall management’s efforts to promote this location and that they take pride in their stores. This effort is received by perspective new stores and shows that management is proactive in actively building their location, and they are working hard to fill these blank spaces. The management’s use of positive window displays maintain the malls branding and can also be positioned to seek the types of stores they want to draw into the mall.

By using window murals that showcase a café, or bakery, or clothing store, management can help draw on a master plan for the property to help potential new stores to envision their store in this location.

Capital Wraps has worked with Casto Management Company to create dynamic and positive messaging using mall window graphics at their Charlotte Mall, The windows graphics can be both see-through and opaque. See through window graphic allow the light to come in to the space, and let people seeing the space to see out through the windows to the rest of the mall, while preserving a clear message from the outside.

See out page for our Mall Graphics to see some of the other options we offer to malls to help create the environment that will make them stand out from their competition.

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