Capital Wraps was approached by a Richmond reporter, Aime McClain, from WRIC-TV, channel 8News and asked if they could film our installation crew while they were installing a wrap for Evelyn’s, a Richmond company who installs seamless gutters.  We talk a lot about the value and importance of Vehicle wraps and it was great to see this reporter covering one angle of car wraps.

Take a look at the video link below to see what we do:

Capital Wraps on the news

Small businesses that drive every day from job to job see the largest reward from full vehicle wraps. These include the following type so companies: Landscaping / Lawn Care, HVAC, Home Maintenance, Roofers, Air-Conditioning companies, Plumbers and, Distributors, and Florists to name a few. Retailers benefit exceptionally well from vehicle wraps because these vehicles add additional signage. They promote your store when you are driving to deliveries and when you are parked in front of your location.

Vehicle wraps have become a significant part of many companies’ marketing, promotions, and advertising plans. By wrapping their cars, trucks, vans, and box trucks, they increase brand awareness and client conversion as much as any other portions of their programs produce. As the effectiveness of advertising on television, on the radio, and in newspapers lessens, car wraps and vehicle wraps have become the proven solution. They combine the essential aspects of marketing, promotions, and advertising into a single package to address clients.

Vehicle wraps allow all your vehicles to become brand identity billboards for your company, product, or service. Vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising in the market today. is a proven leader at turning your vehicles into mobile billboards.

A Capital Wraps car wrap generates between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

Capital Wraps is one of the premier vehicle wraps companies in the world. Combined our team has designed, produced, and installed thousands of projects for clients across the world. Our experienced team encompasses talented designers, the newest printing technology, and professional installers capable of meeting all our projects needs. We handle your whole project from start to finish.   Call us today to see how we can help your business get the exposure it needs with a Vehicle wrap!  877.775.WRAP

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