Capital Wraps has recently announced an addition to its product line for fleet graphics with Truck Wraps and Truck Side Advertising. Our flexible face graphic systems are ideal for fleet graphics wither you are an advertiser, brand owner, truck owner, or all three. Our truck wraps and truck side advertising systems will allows you to change your message as quickly, easily, and cost effective as changing a radio or TV spot.

Some of the highlights of truck graphics and truck side advertising systems:

  • Images can be more vibrant than traditional vehicle wraps, providing higher imagery and making them more memorable.
  • Replacing graphics will keep you look fresh and consistently increase your exposure with potential clients.
  • Increasing your exposure with creative ads changed seasonally or periodically. Implement a marketing strategy to include these changes.

We are offering flexible face advertising system truck side advertising to it clients. The benefits to truck side graphic product offering can provide significant advantages over adhesive truck wraps. While the initial setup – printing, installation – pricing of this is comparable with that of traditional adhesive based.

The advantages to this side of advertising include the following

  1. Ability to change out the graphic. This type of graphics makes sense if you will be changing out the graphics at least 2-3 times. There is lots of value to updating the graphics. A local home improvement center would change out their truck graphics quarterly to reflect the changing seasons.
  2. Installation is significantly shorter. Typically installation time for a 20′ box truck is typically 5-6 hours. This means shorter down time and off road time for your fleet. We will even accommodate your flexible schedule with weekend or after hour installs.
  3. Change of flexible faces is extremely short. Replacing the ads can be as short as 1 hour. This means less down time and ability to run multiple campaigns frequently.

There are some disadvantages to this truck side advertising solution as well. These include:

  1. While the life cycle can vary, the flexible faces graphics fade faster and done have longevity of traditional adhesive based systems. Typically the will last 6-12 months.
  2. Flexible faces can be damaged. Small rips can be fixed with tape, larger scratches require the entire panel to be replaced. Although the replacement price is not that high, it is more than replacing a section of adhesive based solution.
  3. If you don’t plan to change out the system when it fades – at least annually – costs of traditional advertising can be less expensive over 3-5 year life span of advertising wrap.

Are you a distributor or manufacturer, and want to brand your own fleet of trucks? This is the common case, we work with clients who want the flexibility and have the marketing budget to wrap their 4 or 40 trucks with their corporate brand identity. We will discuss your marketing strategy and present to you the most affordable and cost effective way to meet your goals with truck wraps. Wither it is cut vinyl, wraps or flexible face wrap systems, we can address your needs.

The emerging marketing for truck side advertising is relatively new and the opportunity exists in most major cities for medium to large fleet operators. As a delivery truck fleet owner, an recently untapped opportunity is to lease the side of your trucks for additional revenue. You can make significant revenue with leasing this space to an advertiser and placing ads on this space.

Truck side advertising can compete with transit ads on several fronts, including:

  1. Larger spaces for advertising areas. – Transit buses are restricted to kings, queens, or full wraps.
  2. For equal spaces – truck side ads are typically less expensive than transit. Production cost alone for full wrap buses typically run $7500 while truck side ads are significant more adorable.
  3. Delivery and distribution fleets typically travel longer deliver routes than transit. Metro buses typically have a range of 200-350 miles; while delivery fleets range in distance up to 500 miles a day; everyday.
  4. Delivery fleet runs same route weekly. With transit buses, the actually buses can get sent of different route every day, while delivery trucks have to make the same deliveries every day or every week. The routes are fixed so you get repeated exposure to the same perspective customers every week.

Contact our staff to help your next vehicle wrap project

Call our experienced staff to speak with a representative about your truck wrap project. We have worked on rush orders and tight timelines to make our clients’ projects successful and vibrant. We offer a complete service for single vehicle and fleet clients; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production and installation. All of our truck wraps and vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our own professional and experienced installation team.