We were called recently before Christmas and asked to wrap a minivan.  We talked with our client who has been though substantial research on vehicle wraps and selected Capital Wraps to complete their first vehicle wrap due to our design experience and wrap expertise.s.

Avenue Florist, www.theavenueflorist.com,  was expanding their clientele and business and recently purchased The Flower Box shop.  As part of this expansion, they were looking for methods to advertise their business on the busy main highway where they are located.  The little signs sanctioned by the city wasn’t drawing enough attention and they felt a redesign with the vehicle wrap would increase attention with the vibrant graphics.

We had a short window to design and produce these graphics and jumped on the graphics immediately and created the graphics that “captivated the essence of our brand and company.”  With the approval of the graphics we were set to install the end of the following week.  We scheduled our installers to install the graphics on site with our customer.  We were excited to visit the site and meet the florist team and we are proud that the florist wrap will help them grow their business.

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