Every industry has companies who excel at what they do, and there are businesses who give others in the same field a bad name.   Vehicle wrap companies are no different.

We spend a fair amount of time on this blog explaining the importance of professional graphic design for your company’s vehicle wrap and installation, but today I’m going to show you the dark side of poor quality vehicle wraps.   These are NOT wraps we installed, rather images of wraps we’ve seen in public which have gone bad.   The wraps you are about to see were NOT done by professionals and usually installed by a company with cheap vinyl and unskilled installers.

bad wrap, poorly installed vehicle wraps

The first image above is of a vehicle wrap where the images don’t line up as they should.  This can be caused by poor design, a bad printing job, or unskilled installers.

vehicle wrap wrinkles

The next 2 photos are of wraps which have simply been installed poorly.   The vinyl is wrinkled, or has bubbled up in places.   These are completely unacceptable vehicle wraps.

poorly done vehicle wraps

The last image I’ll show you today was simply sloppy.   The graphics may have been fine on the rest of the van, but the trim work here was not done professionally.   The cut out work around the gas tank is pitiful and it looks like the vinyl is starting to rip and shred.

vehicle graphics

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