AARP incorporates a political bus wrap when they kicked off a multi-city tour across Iowa to deliver copies of their “In Their Own Words” – a presidential booklet that does side-by-side comparison of the candidates; according to AARP.

Volunteers traveled on the multi week long campaign to multiple cities and towns to hand out and go door to door distributing the booklet. This was an effort to spread the work about the upcoming election and provide information to AARP’s constitutes. This is a more common grassroots effort to reach out to a larger demographic of the voting public and involve them in the current debate topics and encourage them to vote.

Political wraps are an excellent way to get the word out to your representatives and constitutes and raise your awareness whether for your campaign or your political topic or party. While it has been more traditional for these bus graphics and RV wraps to be used in for Governor, Senator, and Congressmen races, more and more political organizations are using these advertising tools in their marketing strategy. A Capital Wraps political wraps are excellent tools for raising your visibility and boosting your reach.

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