Sometimes all it takes is one detail to take your business to the next level.  Creative marking solutions do not have to cost a fortune, but they do need to garner attention.  Vehicle wraps, full or partial, are a great way to make heads turn and bring in new clients.

One client had an interesting situation.  They had a great Limo service, but like other businesses, they wanted a product to make them stand apart from everyone else.   Rather than spending a lot of money to repaint one of their black standard limousines, or make and extravagant purchase and buy a new limo,  they decided to go with a custom made vehicle wrap.

This was the limo before the wrap.

Capital Wraps black Twilight Limo

During Installation…

Pink Limo Transformation, Capital Wraps, Limo wrap

This is the limo afterwards!

Pink limo after, Capital wraps, Twilight Limo, Brides Ball, limo wrap

The Limo has been a huge hit in thePamlico Sound region.  Women of all ages love the new look of the limo and it gets rave reviews everywhere it goes.   A simple car wrap was all the Twilight Limo company had to do to become the talk of the town!  Later they partnered with “The Brides Ball” and got even more publicity for their hot pink limo.

What “detail” can Capital Wraps help you with in regards to your company?  Do you need help creating an image for a vehicle or window wrap?  Does your business have lots of wall and floor space for creative advertising?   Do you need to further your corporate branding beyond a company sign and letterhead?   Call us today to see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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