As all business owners realize, the key to a successful company is to offer the right product, at the right price, and attract the right customer.  The last point here is the most important especially in today competitive environment.  Having effective marketing is critical to attracting your key customers, but you have to get in front of them and get them in your store or to your website.

Marketing to your customer is a necessity and vehicle wraps are proven to be the most effective way to stand out from your competitors.  Vehicle wraps helps your customers understand who you are, presents a professional image, and provides memorable image of your company what you are selling and how to buy.

Vehicle wraps are effective at getting your name and brand out in the market, increase your impressions within your community, and will drive business and increase revenue.  But you have probably seen both good and bad wraps on the road.

Here are some tips for creating really effective vehicle wrap designs:

1. Maintain Your Brand – If you already have an existing brand, keep your wrap similar theme.  We find the most effect wraps are those that stay close to existing brands because it helps customers remember who you are, what your brand is, and associates you with your products or services.  Those clients who diverge form their brands don’t have as effective wraps as those that maintain consistence.

2.  Kiss – Keep It Simple Silly – While driving, people will have 3-5 seconds to see your wrap, understand who you are, what you do, and most importantly how to contact you.  Make sure you name, phone number, website on your vehicle graphics need to be easy to see, easy to remember, so they can go call, look it up online or plan to stop by.

3.  Use Emotional Imagery – The best way to attract attention is to use images that people will look at and remember.  These Fisher Price vans are clear example of how photos clearly show their products and their clients.  Also brand that helps your customer associates the imagery with your company i.e. kids in toy cars for Fisher Price.

4. Cover Larger Areas — Whether you have a full or partial vehicle wrap wrap the important point is that you cover the critical surfaces of the vehicle.  The large areas are critical to draw attention for the 3-5 seconds to see your car wrap.  The rear of the vehicle wrap gets a lot of visibility while sitting in traffic, make sure you use this space.

5.  Final Proof – Make sure you review the final vehicle wrap design before you approve it.  Most warranties last for 3-4 years and you will have to live with these graphics for at least that long. These vehicle graphics will be representing your company for a LONG period of time. Make sure the car wrap designs  is what you want, represents your company and brand well, is clear, clean, and you are happy with it.

Best of luck with your vehicle wraps!

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