Washington DC – Booster Juice factory was looking for a way of boosting their awareness and traffic flow in DC.  When they recently came looking for a way to boost their awareness about their healthy, fresh, wholesome juice restaurant, it was decided that a partial wrap for their Kia Soul was the way to go.

How did the client and the salesman, reach the decision that a vehicle wrap was the right direction?  Several factors went into this, first was the location had good window frontage, but they were looking to get additional exposure and more than their limited window graphics.  Even though a vast number of people knew their brand, as they had been around for about 3 years, they felt that the vehicle wrap would increase their visibility and they would reach more people.

Secondly, they also set up at various events and wanted to increase brand recognition when they go to their various campaigns around the area.  This also lended them to trials; it gave them the ability to drive up, set up a table, and offer samples with a self promoted background graphics to draw in people from all around.

Third, since they use only fresh fruit and vegetables, they wanted to deliver a message about the wholesome nature of their product offering, this concept was used in the design of the wrap itself, fresh fruit, Pomegranates, Wheat Grass, bananas, and apples were some of the fresh fruit represented on the graphics in addition to their branded cup.  The cup was a key element as it emphasized the brand and when people would see someone else drinking from the cup the would know the brand instantly.

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