Whole Foods is opening a new store, and it’s a big deal.   They could have put an ad in the paper, which people read less and less, or they could stuff your mailbox with yet another flier you will likely put directly in the trash can, but they chose another option.   Whole Foods made the right choice in using the window space they already own to advertise their grand opening, and the results are captivating to say the least.

All retail businesses with window frontage can use this technique to draw in customers, advertise a sale, or give information to the public.  In this era of “information overload” companies are always looking for new ways to stand out, and window graphics are good way to do that.

Window Graphics also increase brand visibility by putting your company logo out in view of the public.  Brand recognition is vital for repeat business and you want your company to stand out and be remembered.   If your company does not have a logo we have a graphics team ready and waiting to help you design one.   Our goal at Capital Wraps is to help you grow your business and to stand out from the crowd.

Call us today to see how we can help you add a “Wow” factor to your retail windows.

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