About Capital Wraps

Capital Wraps is an industry leading large format graphics application and vehicle wrap company providing nationally recognized designs, high-resolution photographic printing and professional installation. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have a dedicated sales team serving Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC exclusively. We have performed vehicle wraps and car wraps, elevator wraps, and event signage nationally and many international venues as well.

Capital has grown over the years with talented designers, experienced installers and top of the line equipment. We offer knowledgeable customer service representatives who are dedicated to the success of your vehicle graphic wrap. Our vehicle graphics expertise includes NASCAR, ARCA, numerous local events, and thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased elevator wraps, car wraps, murals, event graphics, building banners, and numerous other large format projects. For every project we supply accurate estimates, a Full 3M Performance warranty, and first rate service throughout the entire project. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives with your request for information.

Our Design Team

The most important portion of the car wrap / vehicle wrap project is the design; this is because the design must represent your company, brand, and offering. Capital has an experienced and nationally recognized design team that works in conjunction with your project manager to understand your project. It is critical for us to understand how your vehicle wrap or mural project fits in with your company, your marketing program, project or event theme so that our designers produce the best design for the biggest impact. To date, we designed have more commercial car wraps than anyone else in North Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia.

Vehicle wraps can be extremely difficult to design as shapes are complex, graphics must meet up to produce seamless installs, and designs must allow for the vehicle’s elements (door handles, lights, windows, mirrors to name but a few). Many other car wrap companies use canned backgrounds and simply drop on your logo and information. We believe that customized designs that match your company’s brand identity are the best way to get your customers’ attention.

To that end, Capital Wraps employs talented designers to create one-of-a-kind proofs for your vehicle wraps using the most state-of-the-art design techniques and equipment. In understanding your company, brand and marketing, our designers identify your unique value and the statement you want to provide. We use that knowledge to craft the best design for your needs. The bottom line is that we use our experience and knowledge to create car wraps and vinyl graphic designs to communicate the most effective message for our clients. Our designers have experience in Communication, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, and have studied at leading art design schools.


Capital ‘s printing capabilities rivals any in the industry. Our team will ensure that output of your mural, car wrap, or vehicle graphics wrap is accurately produced and on time for the scheduled install date. All of our wraps can offer photographic quality output up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. These large format printers produce vibrant and eye-catching prints. We match the best material to the application.

For vehicle wraps we use only the premium cast vinyl designed for long-term outdoor applications. In most cases we us 3M material; this is fully warranted from fading under the 3M Performance Warranty. This material is designed for long-term outdoor signage and graphics applications, conforms to non-flat surfaces, is extremely durable, and can be finished from matte to high gloss.

For murals and other large format applications, we use a variety of materials determined by the application and surface, the location of the install, the length of time it will be in use, and the graphic design itself. We carefully select the material appropriate for the job and application.

Installation Team

The most critical element to vehicle wraps after the design is the installation of the vinyl graphics. This is literally the hands on portion that is the first thing you as a customer will see. Additionally, no matter how good the design and beautiful the printing, if the wrap is installed with wrinkles, if there are cut marks in the car’s paint, or if the panels are misaligned, the whole job is a failure. It is only through the combination of talented designers and experienced professional installers that Capital Wraps produces the top quality jobs we are known for.