Eco-Friendly Signage

We are excited to offer eco-friendly sign material alternatives to replace standard signage materials. The largest impact will be POP and event signage. We are proud to offer decomposable foamcore signs, degradable vinyl banners, and bamboo display stands among other environmentally friendly solutions.

Tradeshow Displays:

Capital Wraps now offers exhibit technology and signage promoting sound environmental practices and social responsibility for a sustainable planet. We are proud to offer an exhibit alternative produced entirely from environmentally responsible materials.

  • Aluminum Extrusions: The aluminum extrusions are lightweight, reconfigurable, and made from up to 77% recycled aluminum! These recycled aluminum extrusions provide structural integrity with significant design appeal.
  • Inks and Finishes: Our inks and finishes are water-based, mild/low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), or VOC Free. All inks, paint, and finishing products are low or no emitting treatments for minimal environmental impact.
  • LED Lighting: LED bulbs are 4 times more efficient than a standard incandescent light bulb with 10 times the life.
  • Bamboo Displays: Our new line of eco friendly bamboo displays are made from the most renewable wood source in the world and the natural wood finish looks great too! Eco friendly banner displays are made from all natural bamboo. All natural biodegradable tradeshow displays…Go Green!

Signage Substrates & Materials:

  • Eco-Board Foamboard: Eco-Boards are available which contain approximately 63% Post Consumer Waste Content, provide excellent printability, flatness & availability, and are recyclable.
  • BioBoardTM: BioBoardTM is an eco-friendly product specifically designed for the printing industry. It offers the benefits of traditional sheet material and is extremely lightweight due to the special core properties. BioBoardTM can be easily cut, joined, and drilled with traditional tools and fasteners. Its light weight enables large sheets to be easily maneuvered and carried by one person.
  • Bio Banner: Bio-Banner is an indoor/outdoor product that is biodegradable. In landfill conditions (darkness, high heat, moisture and lack of oxygen), it will breakdown to 20% of its original mass. These materials provide excellent environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Textiles and Canvas: Many displays, banners, and tradeshow booths can be made with economically friendly alternatives. Our textiles are made of 100% natural fibers such as Ingeo, and cotton which are innately biodegradable/compostable and recyclable.
  • Paper Media: Tradeshow panels and retractable banners can be printed on paper based products. Compared to the standard polycarbonate products they are highly recyclable and environmentally friendly.