Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Decals

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a large, vinyl graphic or decal. In essence, it is a giant, removable sticker for your vehicle, and it is made from a vinyl that is printed and laminated. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle and will not harm the original paint job.
Vehicle wraps are full color picture quality printed cast vinyl that are applied to all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, shuttles, RV’s, ambulances, buses, boats, metro trains, and just about anything else that moves including skateboards. Our state of the art printers print with photographic quality and once applied these vehicles turn into rolling billboards to advertise the business to all prospective clients.

Vehicle wraps have become a significant part of many companies’ marketing, promotions, and advertising plans. By wrapping their cars, trucks, vans, and box trucks, they increase brand awareness and client conversion as much as any other portions of their programs produce. As the effectiveness of advertising on television, on the radio, and in newspapers lessens, car wraps and vehicle wraps have become the proven solution. They combine the essential aspects of marketing, promotions, and advertising into a single package to address clients.

Vehicle wraps allow all your vehicles to become brand identity billboards for your company, product, or service. Vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising in the market today. is a proven leader at turning your vehicles into mobile billboards.

A Capital Wraps car wrap generates between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

Comparable Costs of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising. Vehicle wraps for the price produce the highest impression. This means that as you drive everyone around sees your vehicle, everyday, every time you drive. Your company car is a mobile billboard. It is the best method for capturing customer awareness for your brand. Even if you have the best product and service, your customers still need to be able to find you. Read more about vehicle wrap industry statistics here.

Capital Wraps is one of the premier vehicle wraps companies in the world. Combined our team has designed, produced, and installed thousands of projects for clients across the world. Our experienced team encompasses talented designers, the newest printing technology, and professional installers capable of meeting all our projects needs. We handle your whole project from start to finish.

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Car Wraps

Capital Wraps has wrapped all types of vehicles, and some of the best wraps are standard cars – sedans, convertibles, mini, and hatchbacks. While the flat surface areas are not as large as sport utility vehicles, vans, or RVs, the creative designs can really make these wraps stand out and be noticed. Our designers step up to meet the challenge of designing for Corvettes that need to look like a pace car for a realtor, a Challenger for a independent gas station, or even Chrysler PT Cruiser for a fast food restaurant. With a flawless application from our install team, these wraps get noticed and produce terrific results.

SUV and Minivan Wraps

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and mini vans are extremely popular vehicles for families, soccer moms, construction workers, and businesses alike; they are also very popular for vehicle graphic wraps. With the big surface areas they create dynamic colorful effective wraps. The bigger the area of your vehicle the larger your moving billboard and the more attention you will grab.

Sprinters and Cargo Van Wraps

These vehicles demand to be wrapped. If you have a white van, you are only blending in with the sea of white vans that travel through your city and town. Don’t be like them– stand up, step up, and get noticed. Ford recently released the new Transit Connect and this vehicle is wonderful to wrap. They designed this vehicle for the commercial customer and with a wrap you will get noticed whether it is a subdued wrap for a funeral home or a dynamic wrap for an energy drink.

Hummer Wraps

Take your advertising to the next level with a wrapped advertising Hummer. These vehicles standout by themselves, and with a Capital Vehicle Wrap on them, they will draw even more heads. These popular vehicles make for effective mobile billboards and with their lines, our graphic designs incorporate the angles to create clean, effective moving billboards for your company.

Smart Car Wraps

While these cars are the smallest on the road, they attract some of the largest attention. Our clients tell us that even before the wraps were on the vehicles, people would come up when they park, stare at the vehicle and ask them questions. So if you want to make a stand, Smart Wraps are really taking off. Our designs work with the lines and curves of the Smart Cars and produce stunning and attention grabbing wraps.

Car and Vehicle Wrap Terms and Definitions

  • Vehicle Graphics and Decals
  • Truck Wraps and Graphics
  • Minivan Wraps and Graphics
  • Bus Wraps and Graphics
  • Boat Wraps and Graphics
  • Trailer Wraps and Graphics
  • Smart Car Wraps
  • Event Sponsorship Graphics
  • Car Wraps and Graphics
  • Sprinter Wraps and Graphics
  • Van Wraps and Graphics
  • Transit Wraps and Graphics
  • Fleet Wraps and Graphics
  • Hummer Wraps and Graphics
  • Commercial Wraps and Graphics
  • Promotional Marketing Graphics

Many of these terms are used to describe mobile graphics on different types of vehicles. In addition to the marketing terms, the wrap materials also vary in quality and longevity; at Capital Wraps we only use the cast premium vinyls for vehicle graphics. Cast vinyl has the longest life and conforms the best to the irregular surfaces of your vehicle. We don’t believe in using inferior calendared materials for vehicle graphics as they are known to shrink, fade, and crack. We also believe that the match-component laminate provides the best protection for your graphics and will protect it from harmful UV rays of the sun as well as abrasion protection better than any other alternatives on the market. As a result of our process we offer the full 3M Performance Guarantee warranty for all of our wraps.

Have a special project? Want your car to reflect at night? Need a yellow neon vehicle? We can do it. We work closely with many manufacturers to offer innovative solutions and many other types of specialty materials for your creative projects. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

Capital Wraps Operations


By either filling out the form or calling our staff we will get your estimate rolling. In order to provide you with the best estimate, we will need details about your project, what type of vehicle (year, make, model, and color), your company information (name, website, and contact information), your budget, and if you need design. Our customer service representatives will send you out a quote within 24 hours and follow up to make sure you received it and if you have any questions. Have a competitor quote already? No problem–we will beat it!


We employ a professional, experienced design team to work directly on your project from concept to output to make sure your design is the most effective for your company. All of our designs are custom; we don’t reuse existing files or simply drop your logo onto a background. The initial consultation is part of our design process where we strive to understand your company, your brand, and who your clients are. Then we build three concepts designs based on your input for you to review and select. We don’t believe that simply providing a single design is sufficient, it doesn’t give you options. So we give you three. Then we work with you to build a full rendering to finish out the vehicle design and send it off to printing.

Printing and Production

Since we purchased the state of the art large format graphics printing equipment, we can produce the most vibrant and eye-popping graphics on the market today. We output the files onto the 3M, Oracal, Avery, or Arlon film per the manufacturers’ specifications, finish it with a match-component laminate and prepare the graphics for installation. We constantly monitor the printing quality and output to make sure we have the highest output product.


We understand your time is valuable and we want to minimize the amount of time we take your vehicle to apply the graphics. Therefore, we will schedule your install 7-14 days out from when you approve the artwork to make sure you have adequate lead time, and to work in your schedule. All wraps are done in climate controlled environments and our installers follow all the UASG, PDAA, and 3M installation procedures and guidelines to give you the best install and the longest wraps.

Capital Wraps Projects

Have a special project? Want your car to reflect at night? Need a yellow neon vehicle? We can do it. We work closely with many manufacturers to offer innovative solutions and many other types of specialty materials for your creative projects. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

We offer a complete service for single vehicle and fleet clients; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production and installation. All of our vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our own professional and experienced installation team.