Capital’s Wrap Process: A to Z

Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Capital Wraps is committed to delivering the best quality of products, design and service in the industry.

Whether you know exactly what you want your design to be on your wrap or don’t know where to begin we promise to spend the time to get to know you, your company, and your marketing strategy and help you get the best possible design that provides you with the biggest impact for your perspective clients.

Step 1. Quotation.

Provide us with the details of your wrap project through or online Quote Form or call and talk with a sale representative to discuss your project. In order to quote your project we will need to collect information about your project; for vehicles we need such information as year, make model, and color as well as location and your budget. Once you submit the information our staff will respond to you promptly within 24 hours if not sooner.

Step 2. Initial Consultation.

We need to understand your industry, its key players and your company. As part of this knowledge search, we seek to understand how your vehicle wrap, mural, or event signage will fit into your marketing plan. Vehicle wraps and fleet graphics should are only one aspect of how you reach your clients, and we strive to maintain your consistent brand identity on this new venue. It is important to present a unified face to your clients so they get to know you. We strive to learn about the following:

  • Your industry – what you do
  • Key players – who else is in this industry and what are they doing
  • Your company – who you are and how you differentiate your products and services
  • Your clients – who are you trying to serve
  • Your current advertising and marketing – How do you currently reach your perspective clients

Your vehicle wrap is an investment in your business. It is our job to maximize your marketing investment and return on this investment. Capital Wraps has the marketing and advertising expertise to help conceptualize your message, as well as execute the message with exceptional computer design and imagery. By working together with Capital Wraps, you can utilize our expertise and gain a advantage over your competition.

Step 3. Build a Vehicle Wrap Strategic Plan.

Once we understand who your company is and how you marketing and brand yourself currently, we work with you to educate how a vehicle wrap or fleet graphics will be an integral part of your company’s efforts moving forward. This way we can help you derive the biggest benefit from this product or how it could be a match with other products.

For a plumber, we make the suggestion that he park his wrapped vehicle at a home improvement center on weekends. While he was unsure of this additional commitment, he invariably receives several 2-3 phone calls every weekend he parks up there by clients who in need of his services on jobs that are too large for them to handle alone on the weekend.

Much of this education we provide is to help you maximize your return on your new investment. You vehicle wrap is a new avenue for your advertising, promotions and marketing for your company. Get the most out of it.

Step 4. Custom Effective Design.

Our design team prides itself on its ability to take clients brand, identity, and marketing materials and covert them into custom design that not only utilize the vehicle wrap canvas but also are clear readable and eye-catching advertising billboards. We do not recycle design, and don’t use stock background images to carry the design; once we understand your company and marketing strategy, our designers get to work to create an effective design for your car wrap. We are not stuck in a single feel and have a diverse design capability including:

  • Professional and Sophisticated clean lines, elegant elements, and a polished finished
  • Fun and Whimsical are you an entertainer and want to attract kids?
  • Warm and Welcoming create an inviting wrap to make people wish they were there
  • Urban and Edgy musicians, energy drinks, and others who are pushing the edge
  • Clean Commercial exactly what it says

Check out our galleries to see how these different these different themes can be used through out the different products we offer. It is a matter of applying the correct theme to your company’s brand the produce the highest value wrap.

Through this iterative design process our representatives work closely with you and your design team to craft a vehicle wrap design that you are happy with and not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.

The design process is the most critical portion of the wrap process because this custom wrap design will represent your company for the next 3-5 years. It will be the first touch point to many of your future clients and must reflect the image that you will be presenting to your market and industry. Once we receive an approval on your design, we can move forward with the two other critical aspects of the wrap process.

Step 5. Production and Installation.

Unlike the design, these next step happen behind the scene where we prepare the artwork for printing and produce the graphics for your wrap project. Rest assured, we have the newest technology on our shopfloors capable of producing photographic quality output. Whether your installation is in Casper, WY or at our Raleigh, NC headquarters, the graphics will be ready to install on the scheduled day.

Once we have an approved design, our project coordinator will schedule a installation date with you based on the availability of your schedule and the schedule of our installation teams. We ask that the vehicle be washed prior to their dropping it off on the evening before the installation day. While the actual installation time for most standard vehicles is approximately 8-12 hours for two installers. We will typically ask for the vehicle to be left for two to three days (if at our shop) to make sure.

Contact our staff to help plan your next wrap project

Call and speak with one of our experienced representative about your wrap or graphic project needs. Click here to fill out our Quote Request Form and get us to call you back to discuss your project, answer questions, and work up a quote. Call us toll free at 877.775.WRAP we are waiting to help you make you event successful.