Capital Wraps Dealership Graphics and Wraps

Excite your clients’ imaginations by setting the atmosphere of your dealership with dynamic pictures of cars, scenery, and satisfied car buyers. Our experienced designers can take these graphics and enhance your dealership image with your product offering. Whether you are transforming your entire space or simply adding a mural our team will help you create the right theme for your dealership and your clientele.

Use dynamic and eye-popping graphics to enhance your dealership image. Capital Wraps works with dealerships is a number of ways

  • Dealership Graphics
  • Wraps for dealership Customer Shuttles
  • Wraps for your Clients

Use window graphics to promote your business and draw in new clients.

Your dealership’s location is on a prominent road with heavy traffic use. Why not use window graphics can catch the eye of drivers and passengers to encourage them to stop in and check out your vehicles. These creative displays can identify your promotions and special offerings, or just show off your fun and exciting vehicles. By changing them monthly or quarterly, you keep people looking. Either way these graphics pull customers into your shop.

Wall murals continue the excitement inside your sales floor

Continue the graphics with murals inside your space. Our murals can be floor to ceiling or as an accent to bring colorful and vibrant images into your dealership. Murals, floor graphics and display graphic are excellent ways of

  • informing your clients
  • maintaining their excitement for their new car
  • delivering an incredible new car buying experience

The Capital Wraps team can help you deliver these experiences to your clients and step up past the competition.

Brand Your Customer Service Shuttles and Parts Delivery Cars

Your customer service shuttle and parts delivery vehicles should be critical elements to your marketing, promotions, and advertising strategy. These mobile billboards interact with your clients, go to workplaces of potential clients, and represent your brand image to the public every day. These vehicles drive around your cities more than any other vehicles on your lot and you should get the most out of them. Make them moving billboards – you already own the space. Capital Wraps will work with you or your advertising agency to deliver eye-catching dynamic wraps that will reflect your dealership brand to the community. We have designed wraps for all dealership types.

We can work with the following: Acura wraps, Audi wraps, BMW wraps, Buick wraps, Chevrolet wraps, Chrysler wraps, Dodge wraps, Ford wraps, GMC wraps, Honda wraps, Hummer wraps, Hyundai wraps, Infiniti wraps, Isuzu wraps, Jeep wraps, Kia wraps, Land Rover wraps, Lexus wraps, Mazda wraps, Mercedes-Benz wraps, Mini wraps, Mitsubishi wraps, Nissan wraps, Pontiac wraps, Porshe wraps, Saab wraps, Saturn wraps, Scion wraps, Smart wraps, Sprinter wraps, Subaru wraps, Suzuki wraps, Toyota wraps, Volkswagen wraps, Volvo wraps

Wraps and Fleet Graphics for your Clients

Capital Wraps works very closely with dealerships and advertising companies nationally as a vender to offering vehicle wrap services to their commercial fleet clients. Many times dealers are able to include graphic packages into the purchase or lease price for company vehicles. This ultimately is convenient and saves your client money when they add vehicles to the fleet.

Powerful graphics create the perception that your business is a market leader

Why Capital Wraps for your dealership branding image?

Capital Wraps has the experience and expertise to handle your program through turnkey solutions. Our team has created dynamic and captivating graphics that can engage your clientele. Our photographic quality, high resolution fleet and trailer graphics create an environment that sets you apart from your competition. Our design team will handle your creative with the talent they apply to all our custom graphics. Our national network of qualified install teams will ensure a flawless product.

Contact us today to ask how we can work with your marketing or finance department at

Terms and Definitions

Capital Wraps offer many graphic options for dealerships from exterior advertising to interior murals and signage. Some of the most common usage of graphics:

  • Banners
  • Window graphics
  • Exterior wall graphics on brick
  • Interior murals
  • Floor graphics
  • Vehicle pricing stickers
  • Fence mesh
  • Graphic Displays and Signage

Contact our staff to help your next fleet wrap project

Call our experienced staff to speak with a representative about your fleet wrap project. We have worked on rush orders and tight timelines to make our clients’ events and launches successful and vibrant. We offer a complete service for single vehicle and fleet clients; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production and installation. All of our vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our professional and experienced installation team.