Wall Graphics and Murals Throughout North Carolina, VA and Washington DC

Why settle for a flat painted wall when Capital Wraps can transform the space into a vital promotional tool? Our wall murals and custom wall paper are ideal for large wall spaces, where you want to create vibrant environments to engage onlookers. The large retailers in the malls, Victoria Secrets, Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch get this and deliver there advertising messages with large rotating graphics for every sale in all their stores. Our long term and short term wall graphics are affordable and will result in a positive result on your sales without damaging the walls.

Wall graphics and murals are part of our Environmental Wraps along with window graphics, building wraps, floor graphics, and retail signage. Where as window graphics grab the attention of passerby and convey them into the store. Our wall graphics and murals create a compelling context for your space and boost your sales. Using self- adhesive vinyl and digitally printed wallpaper, Capital Wraps will create a display that is custom designed to fit any space. Size and shape are not an issue – our wall murals conform to any location and apply to almost any surface.

Numerous Applications for Wall Graphics and Murals

These applications are ideal for places where the consumer’s demands creative, interactive environments. Some places that use wall murals and graphics:

  • Retail Store Fronts
  • Schools and Universities
  • Corporate Offices
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Museums
  • And many more locations
  • Malls
  • Sports Arena and Stadiums
  • Murals on Retail External Walls
  • Airports
  • Historic Buildings

These wall graphics can transform your business environment overnight. Our team will take your project from your idea and come up with a custom design for you mural incorporating your brand and image to engage your clients and turn your space into a colorful environment. Once design in complete, we will produce the graphics and a pair of our professional installers will come out to make sure the job is installed correctly.

Transform any Plain White Wall into a Vibrant Billboard Graphic – Inside or Outside

Whether you wall in a freshly painted sheet rock for your grand opening or an outside application on brick or textured surfaces, wall murals and can be installed to look like paint. On brick and textured surfaces the vinyl material conforms to the surface and adheres extremely well. Originally engineered for the racing industry, Capital Wraps has been using these eye catching colorful prints on outside surfaces in retail and commercial alike. It is a innovative way of increasing your branding, promotions, and advertising reach on different surfaces to target and reach your perspective clients.

Contact our staff to help plan your next retail wall mural, wallscape, or wall graphic project

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