If you offer great products and services, then get the word out to your clients and perspective clients.  Here are 50 Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas to help you Sell and grow your business. While not all are suitable for every company, there are many that would work well for yours.

1)      Design a distinctive logo, branding is key! Include your new logo on your business cards, letterhead and receipts/invoices;

2)      Mail out coupons and special promotions;

3)      Create a Twitter and Facebook page (make sure you use your new logo as your icon picture-branding is key!);

4)      Create a newsletter that provides quality information about your products and industry;

5)      Sponsor your local little league team;

6)      Hold an Open House;

7)      Transform your advertising with a vehicle wrap

8)      Create a blog that provides helpful tips and articles about your products and industry;

9)      Pass out samples;

10)  Create a Youtube video about your products;

11)  Become a vendor at your local Farmer’s Market or Flea Market;

12)  Create a website that showcases your products and services. It’s helpful to also include an area on your site that allows your customers to provide their contact information to receive updates about your business;

13)  Allow your customers to help choose your inventory;

14)  Donate your products/services to local charity auctions;

15)  Have a “Customer Appreciation Day” (open your store early for your loyal customers);

16)  Allow your employees to wrap their vehicles

17)  Cross promote with other businesses that cater to the same demographic (for example, ask that your website’s link be included on their website);

18)  Develop a “Thanks for the Referral” rewards program;

19)  Develop a “1st Time Customer” rewards program;

20)  Advertise on Craig’s List;

21)  Spice up your store with window graphics

22)  Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce and any other business networking organizations;

23)  Team up with your local schools to host fundraiser events;

24)  Have a “Teacher’s Appreciation Day” (special deals and items only available to teachers);

25)  Hold holiday themed events and promotions (pictures with Santa, pass out candy for Halloween, etc);

26)  Have a Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale;

27)  Include customer testimonials on your website and literature;

28)  Hold classes and clinics in your store pertaining to your products or industry;

29)  Promote your business by using Google Ads;

30)  Have an “Employee Appreciation Day” (provide special discounts to your employees and their friends/families);

31)  Distribute pens, pencils, shopping bags, magnets and stickers that include your logo;

32)  Change up your retail space with mural graphics

33)  Create a “Birthday Rewards Program” (celebrate the birthdays of your loyal customers by sending them cards, small gifts or special discounts);

34)  Have “Sneak Peek Parties” for your loyal customers allowing them to view and purchase your new products before they are offered to the public;

35)  Take the time and spend the money to improve your signage;

36)  Hold business card raffles (a great way to get your customers’ contact information);

37)  Allow groups to use space within your business to hold meetings or private events;

38)  Create a warm, welcoming environment for your customers (have coffee, cookies or water available);

39)  Build a personal relationship with your loyal customers (greet them on a first name basis, have items picked out specifically for them to view, etc);

40)  Write personal thank you cards to your customers;

41)  Encourage customer feedback and comments;

42)  Promptly respond to customer’s feedback and requests;

43)  Develop a brochure that list all of your products and services;

44)  Get your business’ address included on Google Local and CitySearch;

45)  Attend trade shows for your industry;

46)  Train your employees on the value and importance of customer service;

47)  Have a Sales Tax Free Day;

48)  Team up with a local charity and give a percentage of your sales to the charity;

49)  Have Happy Hour Prices (you don’t have to be a bar to provide lower prices within a short timeframe);

50)  Create a Customer of the Month program.

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