In this season of Thanksgiving we wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you” again to our clients and customers who selected us to work on their vehicle wraps and or media graphic solutions.     It’s been a busy year for me personally and I’ve learned a lot about the graphics industry.   It is always a pleasure to meet a client and see his or her project start from conception and end with a wrap or a graphic product they love and are proud to display.

The first client I had the pleasure of meeting was on the afternoon their box truck was finished and they came to pick it up.    I had spent the day before with the installers and watched them finish the “Flip Flop Fitness” truck.   It was wonderful to see how the graphics were applied to the truck, but even more gratifying to meet the guys who would be driving the truck around.   They loved it, and I couldn’t imagine anyone NOT noticing the box truck on the highway with the kid friendly graphics and bright colors.

In the early summer I was able to go to DC and see a banner installed.  I was amazed at what a difference the giant banner made when it was hung on the fencing surrounding a piece of real estate in the early stages of development.

The last graphics project I went to see installed (and even helped a little!) was for the Fireman Expo at the Raleigh Convention Center.   The graphics were amazing and covered the entire front of the Convention Center, but I have to admit seeing the Firemen was probably my favorite part of that particular project 🙂

These clients are just a tiny glimpse of the projects completed by Capital Wraps this year, and I can hardly wait to see and write about the things we have in store for 2012.

Thank you so much for choosing Capital Wraps to design, create, and install your graphic advertising solutions.  We love what we do, and we are deeply thankful for your business and the opportunity to serve you.

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