Chapel Hill, NC – When Auto Pro To Call was looking into wrapping their Customer Shuttle, they reached out to a Capital Wraps director, who also uses Auto Pro To Call to service his vehicles.  We love it when a company we work with reaches out and sees our vehicles and becomes a client and we can help build their business with our fantastic product.

Auto Pro to Call is a staple in Chapel Hill, NC and sits prominently on the major road off of the freeway.  They had two Customer Shuttles they were looking at getting wrapped, and we worked with them to create a vibrant eye catching wrap that they can use to sit and advertise to the commuters passing by their location daily and also to reach thousands of people every day as they drop off 2 to 10 people who are having their car serviced.  This means that approximately year they drop off and pick up 2000-3000 people to their houses and places of work.  That is huge exposure and the ability to reach their clients colleagues with their quality repairs, friendly staff, and courteous shuttle services.

The vehicle wraps have proven to be a great deal.  Nowhere else can I generate as many impressions per dollar as with our shuttle vehicles.  Your design is unique and has helped us create brand recognition and distinguish our business from our competitors.  There’s no better advertising than our shuttle pulling to the front door of a busy office complex bringing a customer to work. — Neal Maier, GM Auto Pro to Call

Their business model has been working and recently they have opened a second location in Garner.  This new location, Carfix, is located on 40/42 and even in this downturn economy they have seen continual tremendous expansion and continues to grow on service, reputation, and experienced staff.  Capital Wraps’ level of service is exactly what we provide to our customers, and is much appreciated. — Neal Maier, GM Auto Pro to Call

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