This is a continuation of last week’s blog – Behind the Scenes of Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics Pricing – Part 1. In part 1 we discussed the information, any vehicle wrap company will need to be able to work up an estimate for you car wrap or fleet graphics.
Once we have the information on the type of vehicle and understand your company, your project goals, and your budget. Our sale team will discuss options for your advertising to find out what is the best solution or package of solutions for your company. The actual quote for the vehicle wrap is composed of various components including:

Type of material used – long term or short term. Long term or premium materials cost more and are designed to withstand the test of time. They come with a manufacturer’s warranty against fading, peeling, and cracking for a period of time – typically 3-4 years. Capital Wraps 3M Premium Vehicle Wrap Material comes with the full 3 year factory warranty as well as we stand behind our work for the first year and will replace it if there is a workmanship/material related issue.

Type of vehicle. Not all vehicles are created equal. Box trucks contain mostly flat sides but can have rivets that while cars with lots of body curves can also add considerable time to vehicle installation and consume additional material. While the front and rear bumpers of many newer cars are beautiful and critical to wrapping, those fog lights, grills, body curves add considerable time to installation. Some of the hardest cars to wrap are HHR, PT Cruiser, Beetle, and Hummers; these are also the vehicles that grab attention when wrapped simple because of their curves and lines.

Vinyl Paneling and Overlaps. There are many areas where quality workmanship and planning can make the finished wrap look amazing. While some companies have the expertise and knowledge to take advantage of these many do not because it adds costs. The vinyl comes in long rolls 54″ wide and most companies will print vertical panels with a ½”-1″ overlap – and this is considered standard for the industry. Printing this way also is the easiest for installation. However, this leaves noticeable overlaps on the vehicle and is clearly visible from up close. We elect to wrap certain cars without any overlaps, Scion xB are our favorite ones for type of application. We are proud to have completed numerous Scion wraps that have no seams, all panels end at a body joint. This level of workmanship also adds time and expertise to the job; I’m sure you would agree that the finished product is stunning and noticeable.

Level of Design. Not all vehicle wrap designs are created equal. Working with a company that understand the components that make an car wrap effective is the ability to understand how to create visually appealing design on 3 dimensional spaces. The industry is pushing to use stock background and over lay your logo, but our design team doesn’t believe this is quality solution for our clients. The design is the most important aspect of the wrap, you will have to live with this branding for 3-5 years, it better be effective and appealing. Ask for design samples and see if those designers are still available. Some companies will tout designs they didn’t even do.

Some companies will not charge for design. All this means is that they have rolled the actual pricing of the design into the total price AND don’t value the design ability. And if they don’t value their design, should you?

These are some of the elements that we take into consideration when pricing vehicle wraps. Pricing of vehicle wraps and companies comes down to quality level – quality materials, quality installation, quality design, and lastly quality customer service. There is no price that can be put on quality customer service; but I diverge.