Whether you own a small business, run a non profit organization, or have a company with a fleet of cars or trucks, vehicle wraps are an amazing advertising tool.

When a wrapped car or truck is on the highway during a normal business hours the vehicle wrap gets between 30,000 and 70,000 views every day.   Mobile advertising is simply not something a growing company, or a fully expanded company, can do without.

Recently we wrapped a van for Dawn at Decorator Den in Baltimore.  She is her own boss and needed a way to advertise for her company.  She chose Capital Wraps to wrap her vehicle and was very happy with the end result.  dblountw@earthlink.net

The wrap turned a burgundy vehicle into a white automobile with a clean finish and a stylistic form of branding for her company.

Another organization, the USMC Pistol Team, asked us to wrap their trailer.

The end result cannot be missed or unnoticed on the highway while traveling, or at events they attend.  The larger than life graphics are stunning and provide a brilliant and unmistakable form of mobile advertising.

At Capital Wraps we handle small jobs and big jobs like the ones you’ve seen here today.  It’s our goal to help your business succeed and reach your target customers in the areas where you already travel and do business.

Every time your wrapped car, truck, or trailer is in a neighborhood, or even a busy parking lot, it will be noticed.  Our design team will help create customized graphics for your wrap, as well as provide experienced and certified installers to complete the project.  Our team will help you through every step of the way.

Call us today at Capital Wraps to see how we can help your business reach new customers via the power of a vehicle wrap.  https://www.capitalwraps.com/vehicle-wraps-Vehicle Wraps

Capital Wraps is a premier Custom Wraps and Graphics company is located in Washington DC. For more information on vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, or our other graphic products please contact Capital Wraps at 877.775.WRAP or visit www.capitalwraps.com