Size makes a difference:

Of all the wraps we do at Capital Wraps the little ones are probably my favorite.  Mini Coopers, VW bugs, and Smart Cars are a lot of fun to design and wrap.  However, every business has a different need, and companies who have big trucks and big trailers need to use all available space for advertising their brand.   A 30 foot trailer coming down the highway with full color graphics and your contact info is impossible to miss.


Moving Billboards:

This is a 30 foot trailer for Aerco

And we covered nearly all of it in their colors and branding

No matter where you are on the highway- there are visuals from all sides.

And once we wrapped the truck to go with the trailer, it was simply a class act all the way!


Visual Impacts and the bottom line:

All vehicle wraps have the same goal in common- to draw in new clients and increase the growth of your business.  Whether you have a tiny smart car, or a giant truck with a big trailer, you should be advertising on the vehicle you use every day.  Big vehicle wraps, and little vehicle wraps can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

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