Atlanta, GA – Rim (owner of Blackberry Mobile Divices) partners with Capital Wraps to work with Verizon Wireless on their release of their mobile phones.  The Blackberry 6 operating system was recently released to rival Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Cellphone Operating System.  This OS will be released on the Torch line and will be available for upgrade on many of their existing models.

As part of the advertising rollout announcement of this new OS, Rimm has employed elevator graphics and wraps to help get the work out to their distributors, including Verizon Wireless.  Capital Wraps was contracted to help with this retail advertising campaign and help with the installation of elevator graphics and other signage as part of the release.

These types of corporate signage is an extension of Event Graphics and an extremely useful method of announcing new product lines and releases to partners and distributors to help educate the sales, marketing, and manufacturing teams on their features.  We have also worked with Intel to wrap a van that drove around IBM and Lenovo campuses for 2 weeks talk and educate their employees on the release of their new Quad core CPUs.

If you have a targeted audience base that you want to target and educate on a product release, and get partner with your local offices, distributors, retail partners, or sales teams, the use of event and retail graphics has been proven to be highly effective and successful at educating and disseminating information as part of product releases and upgrades.

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