Using vehicle graphics for your company fleet can increase your exposure and visibility. Fleet wraps and car wraps are proven as the best source for promoting a business in your market place. Car graphics and fleet wraps are the latest marketing solution first used in 1991 to apply graphics onto a bus. Since then they have dramatically changes they way outdoor advertising is interacts with perspective clients everyday.

Vehicle wraps are simply applying advertisements to the outside surfaces. Fleet wraps are a popular form that can be used by small or large fleets. These graphics allow your company to reach target customers and potential customer when your vehicles are on the road delivering, having lunch or even at the grocery store.

Box trucks are a popular way to gain exposure for companies as they have large surface areas and once your ad is placed your fleet is transformed into mobile billboards. You already own the space, make the most out of it with full vehicle wraps. These wraps shown here are tremendous examples of how effective mobile advertising can be. According to a study: Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising media.

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