Wilmington, NC – Boat Wraps are an effective way to create to personalize your boat and make it your own.  In some cases it is more effective and affordable way to change the color of the boat.  Our client contacted us to have the color of his new purchase changed.  He said the gel coat was in good shape and a little sun damaged.  We see this a lot and if the gel coat doesn’t have damage, we can wrap the boat into a new color.  Our client wanted the boat a deep navy blue rather than the white it was.

In working with our client we offered him several alternatives to colors and laminate options. We finally decided on a printable PMS color and a metallic laminate so it would sparkle in the sun.  Before this metallic finish could only be achievable with paint and with recent advancement of technology we are able to offer this to our clients. This project was a good example that the installation of the boat wrap was less than having the boat repainted and took our client less time while it was on dry dock.

Contact a Capital Wraps representative today to help you with your boat wrap.  Whether you are looking for a competitive bass boat wrap, a commercial boat graphics, or a personal boat, we can set you up with a stunning completed job.  We are a standing by eager to help you with your projects, and remember to download our marketing white papers to help understand how to get the most out of your vehicle wrap.