When Carolina First needed a vehicle wrap they sought out the best partner to help them with their marketing campaign in North and South Carolina. After meeting with them at their headquarters, we worked closely with them to understand how they were going to use their car wrap and work up a few concepts focused on building their brand recognition in the community. The fundamental behind this design was to compliment their current brand and build brand awareness and ultimately more clients.

As a community based bank, Carolina First is part of the South Financial Group and are committed to the Carolinas and have branches throughout South Carolina and in 2008 moved into North Carolina. The wrapped van will be headquartered in Myrtle Beach, SC but will travel around all of the locations from Wilmington to Charleston.

The car wrap is only a part of a larger marketing campaign which includes radio and television ads. The use of the car wrap will help reinforce their brand to current and perspective clients. They believe that television and radio advertising will help compliment the wrapped vehicle’s use at events and visibility during its travels.

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