Building wraps have always commanded a large presence in the environment we erect them in. This form of signage is enormous billboards and when put up in a busy area garner numerous views every day. In recent work with a dealership, a building wrap was included as part of a larger signs visibility program to improve the dealership visibility both inside the dealership and outside the advertising.

This large building banner was printed over a two day period and assembled in the assembly floor. The two panels were heat welded together and stitched to provide additional strength. This particular building wrap was installed proximal to a baseball stadium and features the Chevy Silverado truck “Our Country, Out Truck” advertisement series.

Building wraps have been used in numerous cities across the country and used to promote various companies, sporting teams, and events and activities. Although not all cities and municipalities are amenable to this form of signage and in many areas these violate the local sign ordinances. In some cases local sporting team victories can persuade local government leadership to allow these displays as part of the celebrations.

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