Most people respond to various types of visual stimulation.   Obviously what appeals to one group of people might not appeal as much to another group of individuals.   You know who your customers are and what kind of impact a certain ad will have on your target audience.

I saw this van the other day and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it.   I wanted to call the number listed on the van and see if they could help me “stop and smell the flowers” as soon as possible.

While I don’t think this kind of ad would appeal to my dad, or my son’s age group; however, for me, the target audience, this van wrap could not have been more appealing or interesting.  The pink van wrap with the little girl blowing bubbles actually made me feel happy when I saw it.   On the other hand, the Wendys truck would give my son something to grin about.

Focusing on your consumers and what they need, as well as what it takes to make them want to call your company is as easy as a great vehicle wrap.   Your car, truck, van, or fleet vehicle is already circulating in the population.   Why not give your consumers information and something to smile about all at once?

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