Kim and I just returned from a week long riverboat trip down the Rhine and Danube Rivers through 4 countries in 20 days. We passed many of that historic buildings that were under major renovations and reconstructions and all were completely covered with scaffolding. Where as in the US these buildings would be covered with a blue mesh, here in Europe they used full color banners to cover the sides of the building with the architectural rendering of the future buildings appearance.

These construction banners and other environmental graphics make the buildings appear as though they were really the buildings and we had a moment to speak with the foreman on the site, who said that they spend the money for this so people like me and Kim will know what it will look like when it is finished in 2-3 years. These major projects require time the owners don’t want the building to be an eyesore for the period of time during construction. So these banners are an excellent way of creating this illusion and capture the imagination.

I wish we would see more of these types of constructions outfits in Raleigh, DC, and our other major cities that would include this type of beautification. Building wraps and graphics don’t always have to be advertisements. Keep up the good work guys.