Whether it’s a Jet Ski, Ski boat, or a Pontoon, boat owners have tremendous pride for their watercraft; when you are at the helm you are the captain. Your boat is an extension of you; it represents your freedom and personality. You should make sure the style and image of the boat reflects you.

The manufacturers’ standard graphics, color schemes, design styles, and cut vinyl elements are mass produced and are identical for all classes of boats. If you would like your lady to stand out from the rest there are several options. Custom painting and air brushing can be very costly. The newest option is a boat wrap. The wrap can cover all existing graphics and surfaces and distinguish your boat from all other boats in the marina.

A Boat wrap or marina wrap is not a painting or airbrush. A boat wrap is a giant sticker applied to the boat and sealed to prevent water from damaging the graphics. The graphics for boat wraps are all computer generated and can be intricately detailed or simple. Once the design is confirmed a large format printer will produce the graphics and the installation will take 1-3 days so you won’t miss much time on the water. Typically a boat wrap would be approximately ½ the cost of an airbrushed or custom painted graphics.

Capital Wraps boat wraps and marina graphics are excellent way to personalize your boating experience. If you are looking for an incredible eye-catching intricate tribal graphic that will garner attention, or a beautiful floral graphic pattern, our designers create custom designs to turn heads. Call our experienced staff to speak with a representative about your retail graphic project. We can handle your boat graphics in Washington DC, Annapolis, Virginia Beach, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach.

Capital Wraps is a premier Custom Wraps and Graphics company is located in Washington DC. For more information on vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, or our other graphic products please contact Capital Wraps at 877.775.WRAP or visit www.capitalwraps.com