Energy drinks are making a huge impact on the soft drink market; and none more so than Crunk Energy Drink. This fruit based energy drink has various flavors with nationwide product release. This dynamic company has had several vehicle wraps and been a big advertiser in out door events for various venues around the country. Huge event banners hang from many stages and bus wraps advertise in the parking lot. Product samples are given away at many events to promote this tasty new energy drink.

This van wrap in DC will serve dual purposes of event showcase and sample distribution as well as product delivery during off event hours. The precision of this wrap needed to be extremely high as consumers would be in close approximation. Being able to meet the printing and installation quality is an easy job for our talented install staff who have wrapped over 1500 vehicles to date. These cargo vans come as second nature because dozens are installed every month.

Cargo vans are extremely popular for energy drink delivery companies as well as plumbers, construction, florist and any other company needed to deliver large or awkward products frequently. These vehicles also make for ideal wraps by providing substantial space for graphic and content and work well for partial wraps as well as full wraps.

Capital Wraps and Graphics provides custom designed vehicle graphics in DC and Virginia for all clients. We get to understand your company, products, and clients to be able to provide you with the most eye-catching and impactful designs for your brand. Contact us today for a quote.