Washington, DC – Furniture companies are constantly looking for ways to showcase their stunning products and draw perspective buyers into their showroom.  Most clients request delivery of their new furniture by the company, and this marks an excellent opportunity for the company to market their products in the neighborhood and to the neighbors of the client.  Like many furniture companies, for years Marlo has been delivering in a white van or simple lettering, but when they wanted to step up their outdoor promotions and advertising, the fleet graphics were a clear choice.

They drive 500-1000 miles every week making deliveries to various clients houses and communities.  This is extremely valuable advertising opportunity.  They wanted to make the most out of this by showing their recognized brand, logo, and services and products they sell and their 8 exciting stores in every showroom.

As we usually recommend to our clients, the call to action is an extremely important part of all advertising pieces, and the rear part of these trucks is the most valuable space, so we elected to showcase their newest or hottest furniture set on the rear of the vehicle.  This way we could change this graphic out quarterly to highlight the newest or seasonal items.  For example the fall ad will feature a warm leather couch and living room set, where as in late winter a spring patio set, these will be replaced by summer and fall pictures.  This is a wonderful way of changing up the graphic and grabbing people’s attention for their key item they are looking for seasonally.

This also allows for your look to be refreshed frequently, by washing the truck and replacing the key graphics you will have people looking for your trucks and changes.  They people will stop in since you grabbed their attention.

This is just another example of our marketing kit description used in our clients’ situation.  Download it now to see our other examples of how to increase the effectiveness of your truck or van wraps.

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