The old adage is I know half my advertising is wasted-I just don’t know which half is more true today than any most any other time in history. Advertising has always been pushing the edge and those companies who take those forward steps are more successful than the followers.

Today we face other issues in that traditional advertising methods seem less and less effective. TV marketing is not effective with technology like TiVo, satellite radio has no ads at the moment, and fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers. Marketing appears to be not working, Jim Stengel, CMO of Proctor and Gamble agreed when he said:

Today’s marketing is broken. We’re applying antiquated thinking  and work systems to a new world of possibilities.

I have just finished What Sticks by Briggs and Stuart, and they have an amazing insight in to marketing and advertising strategies that work. Marketing and advertising inherently falls into the messy problem category because there are lots of variables that go into understanding how develop a successful ongoing strategy. While there are lots of issues that go into making a successful campaign, the primary tool to being successful over the long term is experimenting. You need to know what works to understand why it works so you can recreate it.

One approach says that you also need innovative marketing tools in conjunction with experimenting to develop a successful marketing strategy. We have found that vehicle wraps is an innovative marketing tool.

Vehicle wraps gets around the antiquated issues of TV, Radio, and Newspaper by getting in front of your clients when they cannot turn it off. More than 95% of Americans are reached by media that targets vehicle drivers and passengers. And fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising media.

For reaching out into your community, a vehicle wrap is one of the most proven advertising tools for small and medium sized companies. But there are a tremendous amount of other forms of environmental graphics to engage your clients’ attention. We also produce common graphics like wall murals, window graphics and transit wraps all the time.

Now think about how to use some more innovative tools like sidewalk graphics, urinal graphics, portable toilets wraps, carpet wraps and laptop skins. Being able to get in front of your potential clients is important having the tools to get your there is half of the success. These innovative products are additional ways to engage your clients besides vehicle wraps. What tools will you use to make your marketing successful?

Call Capital Wraps to discuss your marketing strategy and how we can employ our experience to bring innovative tools to your advertising.