Myrtle Beach, SC – As the eco friendly movement progresses we are seeing many companies announcing and advertising there commitment to preserving the earth. GM and Ford have done remarkable improvements with their vehicles to make them more environmentally friendly with flex fuels, hybrids and electric cars.

Ford escape wrapped an Escape announcing it was the most fuel efficient SUV capable of 34 mpg highway. The wrap was extremely well designed and incorporated the green theme to press the ecologically friendly practices home.

The dealership parked the vehicle at the entrance into the dealership on most days to get there large brand exposure along the major road they were on. Additionally, they took the vehicle for a multi-month period around North Carolina and South Carolina to events and to help inform and educate the public about Ford’s hybrid vehicle program and their vehicles. This is an excellent use of a vehicle and brand to raise awareness for the dealership, location, and products.

They made the use of this mobile billboard by combining it with a cohesive mobile marketing strategy; and as a result Ford has been very successful in the past year with boosting their sales. This further shows that while you derive the benefit from increased brand awareness by wrapping a vehicle. And that a single vehicle garners 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day, that by combining the vehicle wrap with engaging your clients can further magnify your success of your business.

Many of our simply strategies for generating client awareness do not require substantial additional expenses, but require a little time to connect your clients face to face. This further proves why the big players do this type of advertising; because they work. This is exactly why small companies must look at making vehicle graphics and wraps a part of their advertising budget.

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