Cool weather, cook outs, and food trucks:

For some the summer is the best time for Food Trucks, but for me, I love the Food Truck rallys in the Fall and Winter!    The air is crisp and cool, the days are nicer to be outside, and a hot plate of food and a warm drink, or a beer, is a great way to spend the afternoon.

Food trucks in Raleigh and Durham are growing by leaps and bounds.

Here are some of our most recent Trucks:

Here are some fun facts-

$ The standard used hot dog cart costs about $2,000

A refurbished food truck costs about $40,000

A brand new food truck will cost you about $75,000!

If you have a food truck how will people know who you are without good branding?  The best way to brand  a food truck is with large format graphics and wraps from Capital Wraps!

Here’s what you DO NOT want your truck to look like…




More than a Wrap-

With the investment you’ve made in your food truck you want your customers to know you fom a mile (or more!) away.  You want customers to see your branding and recall the great food and memories they had and come back for more.  Food Truck wraps are the perfect way to promote your business Before a customer tries your food, and a wonderful way to created recognition with your customers so they come back AFTER they’ve tried your tasty treats and look for you in the future.

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