Food Trucks have Yummy Graphics

Food Trucks are all the rage in the Triangle.   From spicy Korean, to local home grown greens, to Greek and Turkish delights, almost anything that tickles your taste buds can be found at one of our local Food Truck rallys.

No matter what food you choose though, how do you locate your favorite Food Truck?   Baguetteabout it can be seen from a mile away.  Their bright blue truck wrap is easy to find in field of other Food trucks.

Creating the perfect wrap for your food truck, or any other business, is one of the things we help our clients achieve.   We have a creative brief which helps our clients pin point what they want to share with the public.  It’s a very helpful tool to both the client, and to our designers.




A recent Food Truck Rally in Raleigh   

We wrapped Thai Box Zing, Chirba chirba, and Baguetteaboutitfood_trucks.jpg


All very unique and individualized for each client!    Rolling Cow


All Pork for Porchetta!



Ingredients for the best wrap:

Creating the right wrap for your business is critical.   You already understand the power of mobile advertising, and the Food Truck industry is an excellent example of how effective a wrap can be in terms of advertising and promoting your brand.

If you have a business, then you need a vehicle wrap.  Call us today to see how we can help you express the flavor of your company-  with vehicle graphics which are a treat to the eyes!


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