Raleigh, NC – Franchises in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro have focusing on vehicle graphics to further their marketing, advertising and promotions efforts.  Here are three recent vehicles that have been roaming the streets drumming up business in these areas.  National Vehicle Wraps Programs are easy for us to implement and rollout seamlessly for our clients.

McDonalds – Truck wraps are an excellent way to get your brand out and increase your visibility.  This specific design was not simply an effort to increase brand awareness and promote McDonalds on a whole scale, rather this particular wrap features a new product release, the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.  Vehicle wraps are excellent for announcing new product offerings, advertising new or seasonal offerings and promoting important marketing activities and events.

Little Caesars Pizza – This mini cooper wrap was an excellent attention grabber focused on simply increasing the awareness of their franchise in the area.  Mini-cooper doubles as a delivery vehicle and the company tells us that when they are a little slow they simply drive around the three major roads and business immediately picks up.  With the tag line “Hot-n-Ready” is hard not to draw mouth watering attention during mealtimes with this dynamic graphic.

Subway – Subway was seeking a way to increase their visibility while in the strip mall.  This truck while parked in front of the parking center pulls in lunch and dinner clients.  This effective use of the vehicle manages to increase signage with in a municipality that is incredible restrictive on sign allocation.  We are told that by simply having the vehicle announcing this special lunchtime deal noticeable increases lunchtime traffic to the stores where the truck is parked in front of.

These three uses of vehicle wraps highlight three key differences behind the objectives for each project.  One wanted to increase brand awareness, one wanted to announce a special launch of a new product and the last wanted to drive lunchtime traffic.  When Capital Wraps sits down with you to understand your company and your purpose behind the vehicle wrap project, we need to understand these fundamental objectives you are trying to achieve with your wrap advertising.  In this way we are better able to design a captivating wrap design to get you message across through a eye-catching graphic.

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