Political bus wraps are being used by more than just politicians to spread political concerns. Patients First, a project of Americans for Prosperity, has committed a thirteen-state campaign to further the healthcare debate by bringing the debate back to key home states. The bus wrap is a critical component to their marketing strategy.

Patient’s First is a grassroots organization that is committed to furthering every person’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. This bus tour is focusing on the country’s healthcare system and an effort to help the country organize themselves in order to successfully defend against the lobbyist, healthcare and insurance companies, unions, and politicians who are trying to maintain control of our healthcare system.

“Americans are fired up about health care, and the bus tour gives more people the opportunity to come out and get involved,” said Amy Menefee, spokesperson for Patients First. “They’ve heard enough proposals from Washington that give government all the decision-making power. It is time for citizens to tell their legislators to stop, turn around, and pursue real reforms that put patients first.”

The Patients First political bus tour started the past Saturday July 25th in Richmond and is expected to continue on it twenty-six stops within Virginia. It will move on to cover the additional states of Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The second bus will start in early August and make multiple stops in Nebraska, North and south Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, and Arkansas. Click here for the map of the bus tours and see the 134 stops.

This use of political bus wraps and are sexcellent example of how Capital Wraps vehicle wraps, van wraps, and car wraps can be used to boost awareness of a concern and increase visibility for a company or concern. Political wraps are becoming more and more common place and their effectiveness is a perfect example of why they have become key political campaign components for many Governors, Senators, and Congressmen alike.