For the past 7 years 3M has been offering high tech commercial graphics projection products knows by the trade name Vikuiti.  Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Film is a revolutionary new film that utilizes Microbead technology, providing a bright, sharp picture at all angles and on all surfaces. This film is ideal for all rear projection applications.  Capital Wraps’ new rear projection film allows your clients to enjoy digital video and multi-color graphics with no size or shape restrictions.  It’s versatile enough for just about any application. By combining digital prints with the video projection retail and event spaces can create brilliant engaging displays with LIVE video.

What is Rear Projection and how does it work?

By using Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Film, we are able to create full color streaming video from a rear mounted projector through an almost transparent glass film.  The projector projects the video onto the applied film and the special black, light absorbing layer produces high contrast images on the glass even in brightly-lit environments.  The benefits of this system are

•   A real eye grabber—even in daylight.
•   Cut projection film into any shape!(see video)
•   Any clear surface can become a rear projection screen.
•   Provides excellent contrast and color at all viewing angles.
•   Easily removable—no tools needed.
•   XGA, SXGA, and UXGA compatible.
•   180° viewing angle—and from long distances.

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