Gone are the days of using the traditional advertising – TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Yellow Pages – as the sole source of advertising for small and medium sized companies. Vehicle wraps have been proven to be one of the most effective advertising solutions for all sizes of companies. But how do you tell how effective your wraps are?

Here are several proposals to track your vehicle wrap and monitor the number of leads directly generated by them.

Dedicated Phone Number – Allocate a dedicated 1-800 to the wrap advertising campaign. This will track your inquiring, prospective, and leads coming from your vehicle wraps. This is an easy way to track the number of calls, leads, and clients who use the phone number to contact you.

Call to Action – Place an immediate call to action or special offer to the vehicle for example: receive 10% off for mentioning this wrap. Most advertising uses this form of inciting clients to see and act on the ad, vehicle wraps are no different. Using this form of messaging will also allow you to track the number of discounts given and new clients earned.

Use a Dedicated Webpage – Similar to the other forms of monitoring communication, dedicating a webpage to send the perspective clients to. You can use this landing page to supply more information, a custom offer, a free trial, or simply have them enter their contact information for a free quote.

Survey Your All Clients – Probably the simplest way of obtaining information about your clients is to ask them. When they first call in or walk in, train your personnel to ask how they heard of your company? Did they reach you through a Google search, were they referred, or did they see the car? This method also builds rapport with your perspective clients.

These are a few examples of programs that past clients have employed to track how perspective clients found their company. What Briggs and Stuart propose is a dedicated marketing program that involves both advertising campaigns AND meticulous follow up to monitor how effective the ads are working. It is only by making the marketing system a feedback loop will companies be able to most effectively use their marketing dollars and grow the fastest.