This week we are going to look at local farms and home grown products made in our area, as well as the impact of their vehicle wraps.

Across the nation people are going back to the roots of their communities.  Folks are becoming more interested in local produce, dairy products, farming, and using local businesses to meet their needs rather than going to a big box corporate chain store.  Capital Wraps, which is privately owned and operated, was happy to provide our services to several local and diverse businesses.

Maple View Mobile   and

Maple View Mobile is the only mobile distributer of Maple View ice cream.  The business has grown by leaps and bounds because it sells a quality product, has a loyal customer base, and has a spirited and friendly leader, Jerry Richardson, at the helm of the company.  The fresh ice cream comes directly from Maple View Farms, and how much fresher can you get than that?

Jerry called us about creating a wrap for his Maple View Mobile ice cream trailer.  From the design, to installation, to the wrap being introduced to the public, the results have been amazing and well received.   When I asked Jerry how his customers liked the wrap he said,

“The Recognition (with the wrap) has been greater than expected.  The wrap has such a professional image that people want to be associated with it, and are now asking me to bring it to events and parties.  I’m now doing events for over 700 people.”

Here is a before image of the trailer wrap:

Old Maple View Mobile wrap

Above is the trailer with the new wrap from Capital Wraps.

How can we help expand your business?  Is your company vehicle critical to the work you do?  Are you on the road every day with your car, truck, van, or trailer?  Yes?  If your vehicle does not have quality graphics and information, then you are missing out on a critical piece of advertising, and on space you already own.

Vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising. Vehicle wraps, for the price, produce the highest impression. This means that as you drive around town everyone sees your vehicle, everyday, every time you are on the road. Your company car is a mobile billboard, and it is the best method for capturing customer awareness for your brand. Even if you have the best product and service, your customers still need to be able to find you.

Call us today at Capital wraps to see how we can expand your customer base.

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