Double Shot is a local band with tremendous talent.  The four men who comprise the band are now locals to NC, but come from as far as Georgia and Denmark, and have over 30 years of musical experience between them.

They are a Classic Rock cover band, have active followers, and are starting to make a name for themselves.  The band had professional photos taken for their social media sites, but they lacked an important element…

Banners to put on stage to promote their Band and their branding.

Capital Wraps to the Rock n Roll rescue!

Everyone commented on how professional the banner was and what a big difference it made on stage.  All the photos taken had the band name imbedded in the image, which makes for brilliant advertising down the road.

In the grand scheme of things we all should be professionals in our field, but if you can’t get your name, band, company, or business “out there”, how will anyone find you?  Something as simple as a banner can make all the difference in being found, or discovered, or no one knowing anything about you at all.

Banners are one of the most affordable methods of covering a space with custom full color graphics that create an eye catching impact for your event, tradeshow, retail space, business advertisement, or church message. Banners have been widely used for years and full color ones were originally hand painted by commercial artists, but Capital Wraps now provides full color digitally printed large format banners and are an excellent method for announcing your message to your clients.

Capital Wraps offers a variety of banner materials for various applications and venues. The materials range form standard scrim banner, fabric banner, speaker covering that doesn’t affect the sound, mesh banner, flag banner, eco-friendly banner, and polyester banner materials. These banner materials each have a different look and feel and can be used in a variety of applications

Banners are used in a variety of venues to inform, advertise, call attention and set a theme or atmosphere. Check out our event graphics to see more about how these can be used in conjunction with other media such as floor graphics, eco-friendly signage, building wraps, elevator wraps, and table wraps to help create an inviting and memorable event.

Whether you are looking for a 3’x 6′ single banner for outside your church or business, 100 banners to display in stores across the country, or even a 50′ banner for a building wrap, we have the capability to fulfill your project, deliver on time, and even install it on the building. Some of the other applications for banners include:

• Fence Mesh Banners
• Tradeshow Graphics
• Museum Signage
• Building Banners
• Light Pole Banners
• Sports Banners
• POP Banners Displays
• Construction Banners
• Promotional Banners
• Step and Repeat Banners
• Event Graphics
• Street Banners
• Grand Opening Banners
• Stadium Banners
• Shopping Mall Banners
• Retail Banners
• Retail Window Banners
• Outdoor Banners
• Media Backdrops
• And much more…

Capital Wraps is a premier Custom Wraps and Graphics company is located in Washington DC. For more information on vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, or our other graphic products please contact Capital Wraps at 877.775.WRAP or visit