Labor Day is upon us, but summer isn’t over yet.  For those of us in the southern United States there are many weeks left in the boating season to enjoy before the weather turns cold.  Of course it’s never to late or early in the season to be thinking about a boat wrap.

Some marine vessels simply need advertising.  Boats and water craft used for business purposes, or ships which offer a service- need a way to advertise on the water where their customers are, and are used exactly the same way vehicle graphics are used.

Air brushing is expensive, time consuming, and a paint job isn’t easily repaired if damaged in the water.  Marine vinyl boat wraps are affordable, have a warranty, and if the wrap becomes damaged, because accidents can happen, fixing a wrap should be fairly simple.   (Ask our representatives at Capital Wraps to explain more about this for your particular wrap.)

However, many boaters simply love to show off their boat!   Boating on the weekends is a form of fun and relaxation for a lot of people and their boats are special to them.  Having a unique wrap sets your boat apart from everyone else in the water.  At Capital Wraps we can help you make a design which will reflect your personality and sense of style.   Boat wraps can be fun and flirty, strong and serious, or strictly professional.  Any way you would like to design your boat we can help you!

For boaters who don’t dock their boat year round in a boat slip, you have an extra advantage because you are pulling your boat to and from the water.  Your boat is not only seen at the lake or ocean, but also on the highway!  Vehicle wraps, and boats on a trailer, can get up to 70,000 views each day while on the road.   Your boat is going to get all the attention it deserves with a wrap from Capital Wraps.

Capital Wraps has been wrapping boats and automobiles for several years.   We offer a high quality Marine Vinyl, expert designers, and professional installers.  What are you waiting for?  Don’t let another boating season go by without calling us and finding out what we can do to wrap your boat and make a really cool splash before this boating season ends, or before the next one begins!

Capital Wraps is a premier Custom Wraps and Graphics company is located in Washington DC. For more information on vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, or our other graphic products please contact Capital Wraps at 877.775.WRAP or visit