This retail mall in North Carolina contacted Capital Wraps with an unusual request, they wanted us provide the illusion of a fun enjoyable retail experience during this recession period.  Like many companies, many of the small and large retail shops in their establishment were not able to pull in enough revenue to withstand the recession and stay in business so the mall was losing renters and more spaces were becoming empty.  This wasn’t a optimistic environment with so many empty spaces and there was only so many window displays they could use, so asked us for our expertise.

When we walked around the mall, it was clear they had a newly renovated complex and many of the current tenants were strong well known companies, so took the task of changing the shopping experience for the malls patrons.

When we discussed this issue with the management we formulated a plan to incorporate both pictorial and cut graphics through out the mall to maintain consistency and flow and create a positive upbeat feel.  While looking through the list of current clients and clients who recently left, they identified several key types of clients they wanted to draw into their establishment, so we used related imagery to help provide the community feel.

In talking with them we understood that they saw themselves as a key player in maintaining the attitudes of their community by providing them a place forget the world outside, remember a more golden time, and look forward to time of more prosperity.  The graphics were part of a larger plan to engage their community and offer kids play time and areas, areas for adults and elderly to walk the hot summers and cold winters, and a social place for gathering.

The project turned out with a great success.

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