Raleigh, NC — This is the wrap that was put on a few years ago, now the military is back in seeking out a new look for this HumV. The military version of the civilian Hummer has a few different turns and elements that makes the military wraps a more interesting element to apply graphics.

I have been talking with several of the recruiters and they have mentioned that the army’s recruiting has been strong and with the downturn in the recession, more young people, both men and women, have opted for this option and enlisted.

As with all vehicle wraps, the effectiveness of these recruiting vehicles has played a key rolling turning heads, making them noticed, and been a key role in their marketing, advertising, and promoting strategy. When the recruiters drive up to high schools and colleges, or to career fairs, they stand out with their wrapped vehicle. We have also worked with Dare, police, Swat, sheriff departments to design vehicles for their recruiting and marketing efforts.

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