Myrtle Beach, SC – As housing still is in disarray, with foreclosures peaking and banks coming under scrutiny for poor practices, interest rates are still at a almost all time low rate.  Companies like Mortgage Bus are making the most of getting people into houses.  They started before the crash and are continuing to do their business and make the American dream come true with home ownership.

These small fleet of vehicles graphics will be serving many communities on the eastern sea board from South Carolina, through Maryland and up to Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  These are mobile mortgage stations come to you place and are able to provide mortgage information approvals, and financing on the spot.

With a clear distinct design, our designers are able to incorporate the final vehicle wrap design onto a myriad vehicle types to maintain brand consistency and effectiveness.  You have no need to be cranky, vehicle wraps are the best way to get your name out and identify yourself to perspective buyers in your communities.

Download our marketing kit to see how to effective vehicle wraps are and how to make the most out of them once we install yours.  Whether you are a small single operator or need fleet graphics for your vans, Capital vehicle wraps will be able to provide you the best solution for your marketing budget.  Contact a Capital Wraps customer service representative today at 877-775-WRAP.

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