Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?  How about the Closing Ceremonies?  Did you see the platform and the ramps running towards the center stage?  All the newspaper looking text adhered to the floor were “sticky graphics”.  It was amazing!

Any retail environment has a chance to make a similar statement, and herein lies the beauty of floor graphics.  They can be placed in almost any venue, in almost any store, and are guaranteed to get the attention of consumers.   Floor graphics are the last frontier of advertising and a space that should not be unexplored by anyone with a business large or small.

Most business owners rarely think to use the floor space in their shop for advertising. However, big venues like basket ball stadiums and the Olympics must use the flooring to promote their corporate branding because it is a space that simply can not be missed by the fans.  The same is very true in smaller venues as well.

The options for floor graphics are unlimited.  They draw in consumers, promote seasonal sales, are durable and completely replaceable.

One business wanted to have a little fun with their floor graphics.  Can you imainge redesigning the break room of your business with a splash of fun like this?
How about a preschool creating an innovative play area with floor graphics which spark imagination and creativity for the children who spend their time there?

And Why stop with floor space?  Does your store have a parking lot?

We would love to help your business by creating floor graphics for your company and increase sales and further your corporate branding.  Please give us a call today to find out about all the products Capital Wraps has to offer.

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