For quite a few years, people have been talking about vehicle wraps as being a cost-effective, high-impact way to promote a message, brand, or product. Your marketing budget can be a constraint on your advertising. We work with companies from cut vinyl lettering to full vehicles wraps and through experience we can work with you to maximize your vehicle wrap for your budget. Here are some of the things to consider when thinking about a partial car wrap.

Use The Car Color – When electing a partial car wrap instead of a full wrap, it is necessary for the color of your car to play a key roll in the design. While typically black or white cars are common to wrap, we have had great success incorporating silver, green, or other bright complimentary colors into an effective design.

Avoid Difficult Graphic Elements – Fades, Blends, Shadows onto the car color can really make an effective vehicle wrap look terrible because the vinyl color may not match. Our designers prefer to have hard lines and use it to emphasize the vinyl rather than trying to match car colors.

Use Solid Lettering or Graphics to Extend the Coverage – Many times we have found that when doing a rear car wrap (from the doors backwards) if we incorporate logos/lettering onto the forward doors or quarter panels to give the appearance of a more complete coverage.

Use Vehicle’s Body to Section the Design – Wrapping the rear quarter panel or the doors can make elegant van wraps when the end at the sections of the vehicle. Many vehicles, especially cars, have elegant curves, use these to draw attention and carry the design.

Add changeable graphics for Call to Action – Creating a need for the perspective client to see your vehicle and act on it is critical, create a call to action as part of your wrap, such as the rear window, and replace it quarterly with a new Product Offering. This is also an excellent way to see just how effective your vehicle wrap is.

Eliminate Graphics On Low Visible Areas – Graphics on the rear of the vehicle will be seen by everyone behind you in traffic where as roof or hood graphics may not be as visible. While they will complete the feel of a full wrap; to maximize your value you will want to focus on better graphics on the areas that will be seen more – back and large part of the sides.

Call us to discuss your design or send us your idea! We would be more than happy to disucss your design and see how we can design a wrap to maximize your company’s visibility.