In working with start-up companies or small companies looking to jump into vehicle wraps for the first time, budget is always a primary question. What is the price for a full wrap and is there any less expensive options? While you budget may dictate the amount of coverage you get, being able to change the entire outside of the vehicle with graphics will provide the best advertisement or branding for your company. With that said, we are conscious of budgetary constraints on many companies both big and small for their marketing project. Capital Wraps offers many different coverage options to meet the varied levels pricing.
Where Capital Wraps starts is to understand the vehicle to be wrapped and the budget our client is working with. This way we can decide together the amount of coverage and location to maximize its effectiveness. We strive to maximize the coverage for our clients.

There are some constraints of vehicle wraps as well. Firstly they are seen from far away and typically driving down the road. This means that graphics have to be clear, easy to read, and simple enough to understand the message in 2-3 seconds. A well designed vehicle wrap will grab the attention of the viewer very quickly.

Full Wraps – The full vehicle wrap for most car truck or van will cover every inch painted surface. Although many taller cars will forgo wrapping the roof as nobody will see it, shorter cars will have the roofs wrapped as they are easily seen. See-through window vision will be printed separately and applied to the windows to complete the wrap.

Partial Wraps – Vary in size form ¼ wrap to ¾ wrap. In an effort to maximize coverage a typically ½ wrap will cover 50% of the painted surfaces – this could be either the rear half or the bottom half. The pricing for a ½ wrap will be approximately 60-65% of a full wrap due to fixed setup and job costs. Our designers strive to use the color of the car into the design of the graphics.

Typically single color vinyl lettering will be use to extend the graphics into areas that will not be covered to give the illusion that the graphics extends over a greater portion of the vehicle. Black vehicles are the most forgiving for partial wraps because they are the easier to match.

The price here will be dependant on things like windows needed to be printed which will add expense (or reduce coverage). Wrapping the bottom half of the car (below the windows) will provide more coverage that the rear half since this will require window film to be double printed.

The most common partial wrap is a ¾ wrap on a cargo van. Covering the cargo portion of the van allocates the largest canvas for advertising and provides great coverage and terrific results.

Large Decals – To make mobile advertising more affordable the use of large decals, window graphics and other elements can provide for captivating designed vehicle graphics. The pricing of these elements varies greatly based on coverage and material use. The use of printed elements and single color elements typically provides the best coverage while being economical. See examples of how the company’s elements and logos have been used to maximize coverage and produce eye-catching effect.

The rear portion of the vehicle is usually the most valuable space on the car as you will be in front of other cars and this will be the easiest to see, so for vans and box trucks these should be a high priority area for coverage.

When determining your budget for the project keep in mind the more coverage the better, and based on the lifetime of the vehicle graphics, this will be one of the most affordable form of advertising you can possible do. We have not talked about how the design will play into this article, but many companies will charge separately for design based on an hourly rate. This is common and the most important aspect of your design. We cover getting at effective vehicle wrap design in other blogs.

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